Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Should I Feel Guilty?

Today was a beautiful day in South Carolina! It was over 70 degrees! A part of me felt bad because today was the BIG STORM. In NY where my mom and brother still live they were dealing with snow and ice. Our morning started out warm but wet. We knew it was going to be warm but it was suppose to rain all day. I am so glad it didn't!

Miss Rascal was glad the sun came out too!
      So after school we went to the bird park AGAIN! We went yesterday too. It wasn't as warm but still fun feeding the birds yesterday. The kids were most excited about the fact I got pooped on by a seagull! I was actually kind of glad too. This will sound crazy but I always secretly wanted to be pooped on! LOL I read in a book when I was younger that it was good luck. So my friends you can thank me and my good luck for the lovely weather today:)

WOW!! 75 degrees!

     The seagulls and ducks were glad to see us again! Matthew and the girls I babysit love feeding the ducks.

     Matthew had a favorite. Of course it was one of the ugly ducks. It had a mohawk and an attitude. He was pretty cool!

This picture doesn't show how big the duck was! He came to Matthew's knees! See his mohawk?

      The kids were glad the groundhog did not see his shadow. We also made a groundhog craft. We painted cups brown and made a groundhog on a stick. The groundhog popped out of the cup looking for his shadow. They loved it! They really thought it was so nice today because he didn't see his shadow. Matthew asked if that meant school would get out early too. To bad it's going to be a high in the 40's tomorrow with rain. Brr Today was a tease! I can't wait for more 70 degree days.



Kay said...

70 degrees is definitely a gift to savor. Enjoy it without an iota of guilt. My daughter is in the Chicagoland area and enjoyed the snow... sort of... once the shoveling was done.

Anonymous said...

Nope, can't agree with you. I hate being pooped on -- especially when I have to see somebody important. lol.