Sunday, October 31, 2010


I have had an idea for a book for 2 years. I have the characters, the plot, the ending all in my mind. I have even researched and visited the setting. All I have to do is write! I haven't given it a thought in a while, then the other night I had a weird dream. I was in Hawaii doing research for the third book in the series (how cool is that)!! According to my dream I am a successful writer! I don't know why the book was in my dream but I have been researching Hawaii for our 10 year anniversary in two years. So I know why I dreamed of Hawaii. But the book...... why did the idea pop back in my head? Then today saw on our Yahoo home page I saw these letters, NaNoWriMo. So I clicked out of curiosity and it is a site that encourages novel writing in the month of November! Is it a coincidence?

Friday, October 29, 2010


I think it is so neat how a book can open conversations!! I have seen on Facebook a few of my friends talking about The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo series. While at Costco I saw the first two books in the series. I had to ask a lady next to me which came first. She spoke about the whole series for a few moments. Then yesterday at the library I saw the last one come in and I asked if I could have it. I am now 17th on the waiting list. But several people around me talked about the series! Then today I bought the second book at Costco and the person who checks your receipt talked about the series. Now off to get started on the second book, The Girl Who Played With Fire. I hope the other 16 people on the list are fast readers!


Is the time my son woke up this morning! Aaaarrrrggghhhh He is very excited about his first sleep over at a friend's house. Today is his home day and I have a feeling I will be praying for patience! I also think he will be napping today! We also made our teen mad by not letting her go to a friend's house after school we didn't know.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trunk or Treat

   Every year at our church we do this thing called trunk or treat. On the Wednesday before Halloween after Bible study the kids go trick or treating from car to car! It is so fun to see the kids in their Halloween costumes. From little babies to the teens. Well some adults go all out as well! It is fun to see the trunks all decked out.
   Aspen couldn't decide what she wanted to be, until today. She decided on a beat up soccer player. She ripped up a shirt and had red paint at the ripped areas with soccer shorts, socks and shoes. Then Matthew was...... I don't know what he is! But he thinks he is really scary! I think he is a spooky scarecrow or something.

Here is scary Matthew with his best bud Trey. Notice the bare feet!
I wish I remembered my camera! I snagged this picture off Facebook! Thanks Mindi:) I didn't see any of Aspen tagged so you'll have to wait till Halloween to see hers!

Friday, October 22, 2010

To do lists

I have not been the kind of blogger I would like to be. I would like to post at least three to four times a week. Not three to four times a month. There, it is out in the open. I find if I write things down I do them. I will add it to my to do list:) I have to admit I am a list person. I make a list everyday and love the feeling of crossing tasks off my list. Shane is a list person too. We buy notebooks during back to school time. We easily go through ten to twelve notebooks a year! So blogging will be added to my list.
Back to my Yankees game:)

P.S. I love doing a spell check and seeing I have no words to fix!

Monday, October 18, 2010

My baby is growing up!

  Matthew lost his first tooth today! Yeah and boo at the same time. Of course this emotional mama teared up a little! I am so glad it happened on his home day and not while he was at school. Just so I could be the first he told! Stingy me.
  He was doing his computer work and said, "My tooth is out."
  Shane also happened to be home too. Shane told me to blog it, Facebook it and mark the calendar! Just a little excited! I am so happy the tooth fairy will be visiting our house again!
Matthew lost his first tooth today!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bad Blogger!

I was doing well for a while with blogging somewhat regularly. Till I broke my finger! I am not a football player but I tried and it didn't work out for me! So now my ring finger is broken and I can't get my wedding rings off! Oh well, just a funny story when people see the hideous blue splint on my finger! It does make typing a little difficult though! I can't place my fingers on the keyboard to type so I am typing fine with my right hand then finger pecking with my left! I now see some interesting words when I proof read!

Right after I failed to catch the football.

A few days later.

I finally realized it wasn't just "jammed" and went to the doctor. My stylish splint while I await the referral to the bone doctor.