Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bad Blogger!

I was doing well for a while with blogging somewhat regularly. Till I broke my finger! I am not a football player but I tried and it didn't work out for me! So now my ring finger is broken and I can't get my wedding rings off! Oh well, just a funny story when people see the hideous blue splint on my finger! It does make typing a little difficult though! I can't place my fingers on the keyboard to type so I am typing fine with my right hand then finger pecking with my left! I now see some interesting words when I proof read!

Right after I failed to catch the football.

A few days later.

I finally realized it wasn't just "jammed" and went to the doctor. My stylish splint while I await the referral to the bone doctor.


Anonymous said...

Hope it heals properly. I missed your blog!

Kay said...

Yikes! Thank goodness you went to the orthopedic specialist. You should always get those things checked out. I speak from experience. Not me, but my son.