Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Aspen!

Yesterday my daughter turned 14! 14!!!! I am the mom to a 14 year old!

She had a great day and I am so proud of who she is and who she is becoming. Her favorite gift was a new phone with texting privileges. We switched our plan around so we have unlimited texting. She was so excited she didn't even really notice the stipulations. It has to be in the kitchen charging at 9:30 on week nights, 11 on weekends, not aloud at the dinner table and of course if grades slip it's gone till they come back up. She was understanding of the rules and at 9:30 on the dot she was walking out with her phone!

I made her favorite cake. One that I only make on her birthday. It is a chocolate, chocolate chip cake. A recipe that came from a person at another church who came down to help with VBS 5 years ago. The cake was so good I sent an email kind of like this:

"Someone at your church was here helping with our VBS. While they were here she made a very good chocolate cake! I don't know her name but could you please help me find her so I can get the recipe?"

I got the recipe with in a week!! It is Aspen's favorite birthday cake. One year I ordered a cake from a friend who does cakes. I then had to make a second cake that year because Aspen didn't want to miss her cake. I only make it on her birthday because she kinda dubbed it "my cake". If I make it all year long it wont be as yummy and special.

She broke up with her boyfriend of maybe three weeks. For two of those weeks she didn't even know his last name! Anyway she said he was really nice..... to her. He teased and made fun of her friend. So she broke up with him! Yeah Aspen!! I hope  pray she continues to have the strength to do the right thing and stand up for other people. Such a proud mommy moment! Oh and she has three A's and two B's on her progress report:)


Anonymous said...

That's good news. Happy Birthday to your daughter. I was 14 once. LOL

Kay said...

Happy Birthday, Aspen! What a cutie. You have every right to be super proud of her. I love her name. It's so unique and beautiful