Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Day

     I don't have pictures because for most of the day my camera was in the couch cushion. I searched high and low for it and didn't find it. Then this afternoon it magically appeared! I think that had something to do with the little ones in the house. LOL
     The girls brought their dress up clothes and were princesses:) Matthew couldn't resist and put one on for about 2 seconds. Then decided it was stupid. We also watched bits and pieces of the wedding. Of course during down time we watched Cinderella! We had lunch on fancy plates and milk in glass cups! The kids were most excited about that. I made rice crispy treats and chocolate covered strawberries for our royal snack picnic. We "talked fancy" and said everything was lovely. Rebecca the 4 year old loved it the most. She would say, "Mrs. Alissa this apple juice is lovely." lol
     Tonight was parents night out. This is when at church once a month we have free babysitting for 3 hours. We take turns as couples babysitting at church. Most years we have enough families and we only have to babysit once a year. Not to shabby! Our plans were to go to River City Cafe. A burger place then walk on the Inlet. This WAS the plan till a very excited Aspen called. She was asked to play in the varsity game!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is the JV goalie and the Varsity goalie couldn't play tonight's game. She was so excited!! We couldn't miss her big debut on varsity. The varsity girls are good! The are currently 6th in the whole state of SC. So Aspen touched the ball twice the whole game. The girls won 10-0. The ball didn't make it's way back to Aspen many times. She still had fun!
She had very little action.

I got action shots while she was practicing. 

She had fun and seeing her game was much better than a date night. Matthew still went to parent's night out so he could play with his friends. So we got some bleacher time:)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Walking to Disney

Yesterday I posted about exercising and walking the same amount of miles as going to Disney as a goal. I am a visual person so I made a fun little chart to help keep track of my mileage.
I used Velcro to attach the numbers. This way I could easily change them out. When we got home from Cub Scouts I walked and already changed my numbers!

I walked 2 miles tonight. Only A LOT more to go!

While we were gone Aspen worked on a school project. They are having a recyclable fashion show tomorrow! Here is the dress she designed using only recycled material. 

She used her dad's accounting homework for the main part! She thought it was funny.
And last but not least here is Shane giving Matthew his awards he earned last month. Shane loves doing this with Matthew. He is Matthew's den leader. He was also Aspen's soccer coach for many years. I have been blessed with an awesome husband who is very dedicated to his children. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lucky Us

     This morning around 3 Matthew crawled into bed with us. Instead of getting up and putting him back in bed I let him join us. BUT he had to tell me what was the habitat made for! He said, "My toy frog from Alligator Adventure."
     I told him I thought he brought a pet in from outside. He then asked, "What would I do that for?"
     So yeah no critters in my house!

     I saw a number on the scale today I haven't seen in years! I am still slowly losing weight one pound at a time. I am a goal oriented person. I like to make lists and mini goals. they help keep me motivated. Kind of like one day at a time. I like one goal at a time:) I am making a poster with the miles from my house to Disney World. Then once I walk that many miles I will plan our next trip there. I also will do the same for our trip to Hawaii. From my front door to Disney it is 490 miles. So not to bad! I can walk 490 miles. Of course one mile at a time. Before you know it....... Now from my door to Honolulu, it will take a few years! It is 4,805 miles. I enjoy walking after dinner. My neighborhood is one mile. The 2 neighborhoods in front of ours is also one mile each. So it can be done! I will keep you posted on how I am doing! I am making a chart with velcro dots. With each mile I walk I will change the numbers. Hmmm, maybe a chalk board would be easier. LOL

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mom to a Boy

     So all those cuties little sayings about boys made of puppy dog tails and snail...... They describe my son! Perfectly! So far this spring I have been greeted with, frogs, turtles, green anole lizards and caterpillars. Oh, a dead snake too. When he was one and in the everything in the mouth stage he caught and tried to eat a beetle! So he started at a young age. He has even jumped off a dock to try to catch a fish to make fish sticks when he was four!
      I don't get grossed out any more over live and dead creatures being brought to me. I can handle the skeletons and snake skins that are found and showed to me. I have even learned to appreciate these things and not just act like it is cool. I try to nurture this curiosity. I read someplace about a veterinarian whose parents let him keep things as pets. What I can't handle is the unknown.
      This was discovered in his room when he was carried to his room. He fell asleep early in the living room tonight. It looks like he made a habitat for a new "pet" in his room. He emptied a toy shelf to do this. I don't know how he snuck this by me. Usually he is excited about what he caught. I won't know until tomorrow what is roaming around. He is sleeping so soundly I couldn't wake him.