Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lucky Us

     This morning around 3 Matthew crawled into bed with us. Instead of getting up and putting him back in bed I let him join us. BUT he had to tell me what was the habitat made for! He said, "My toy frog from Alligator Adventure."
     I told him I thought he brought a pet in from outside. He then asked, "What would I do that for?"
     So yeah no critters in my house!

     I saw a number on the scale today I haven't seen in years! I am still slowly losing weight one pound at a time. I am a goal oriented person. I like to make lists and mini goals. they help keep me motivated. Kind of like one day at a time. I like one goal at a time:) I am making a poster with the miles from my house to Disney World. Then once I walk that many miles I will plan our next trip there. I also will do the same for our trip to Hawaii. From my front door to Disney it is 490 miles. So not to bad! I can walk 490 miles. Of course one mile at a time. Before you know it....... Now from my door to Honolulu, it will take a few years! It is 4,805 miles. I enjoy walking after dinner. My neighborhood is one mile. The 2 neighborhoods in front of ours is also one mile each. So it can be done! I will keep you posted on how I am doing! I am making a chart with velcro dots. With each mile I walk I will change the numbers. Hmmm, maybe a chalk board would be easier. LOL

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