Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mom to a Boy

     So all those cuties little sayings about boys made of puppy dog tails and snail...... They describe my son! Perfectly! So far this spring I have been greeted with, frogs, turtles, green anole lizards and caterpillars. Oh, a dead snake too. When he was one and in the everything in the mouth stage he caught and tried to eat a beetle! So he started at a young age. He has even jumped off a dock to try to catch a fish to make fish sticks when he was four!
      I don't get grossed out any more over live and dead creatures being brought to me. I can handle the skeletons and snake skins that are found and showed to me. I have even learned to appreciate these things and not just act like it is cool. I try to nurture this curiosity. I read someplace about a veterinarian whose parents let him keep things as pets. What I can't handle is the unknown.
      This was discovered in his room when he was carried to his room. He fell asleep early in the living room tonight. It looks like he made a habitat for a new "pet" in his room. He emptied a toy shelf to do this. I don't know how he snuck this by me. Usually he is excited about what he caught. I won't know until tomorrow what is roaming around. He is sleeping so soundly I couldn't wake him.


Kay said...

My son brought home a baby squirrel once and put it in a little cage to try to nurse it back to health. It died and the fleas left the cold body, jumping on him, his sister and my husband. He was covered with little bites. Sheesh! Boys are fun!

Anonymous said...

My younger daughter used to hide hamsters and kittens in the house, which I said was strictly off limits for pets. I like cats, but only if they stay outdoors.

Melissa said...

Kay, yuck about the fleas! I couldn't help but giggle though!!
Gigi, Our neighbors had a garage hampster. They don't alow pets in the house but let the children have a pet hampster in the garage. His name was Jack.