Saturday, September 25, 2010

Beach and Band

     What a busy day! I do admit it started off lazy. For the first time in a long time I did not roll out of bed till 10! Shane was home this morning. I didn't sleep till 10, just had the opportunity to be lazy and enjoyed it very much!
     After that exciting morning Matthew and I went to the annual church picnic at the beach. It was weird being just the two of us. Aspen had to be at the school early to practice for the competition. So Shane took her than took advantage of the quiet house and did homework. We had fun. It is fun seeing people outside of their Sunday best.
    Then home for quick showers and off to the competition! The kids did awesome! It was our first time seeing the whole performance together! Our marching band won many awards at the competition. Best color guard, best percussion and best music something (can't remember the word). They also won in the division AND won the whole competition! It was very exciting to watch! I never realized how much work goes into the marching band till Aspen started this year. The kids all did great and they made performing in 90 degree weather look easy!

WAY TO GO SIS'!!!!!!!!!


Kay said...

Congratulations! What a proud and happy time that had to have been for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Great news! Yes, a lot of rehearsing goes into a musical production. Take it from me, a violinist, it ain't easy. But, what a thrill to win!