Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Matthew is always barefoot! Living in South Carolina this is easy to do at least half the year. He hates wearing sneakers. He has outgrown sneakers that were worn just a few times. We also don't wear shoes in the house. So for him it is much easier to run outside without shoes on. Aspen also likes to be barefoot but not as much as him. She will at least keep her shoes on till we get home then throw them in the basket. Or drop them inches from the shoe basket!

There have been occasions when we got someplace and realize Matthew forgot his shoes. Easy solution, put him in the shopping cart. Since then we have tried leaving them in the car. That worked for a few months. He takes them off as soon as he gets in the car anyway. So instead of having him bring them in and put them in the shoe basket, he keeps them in the car and that ends the shoe battle. Then last Sunday he forgot to put his shoes on before church. I stayed home during Sunday school because I had a headache. I get a call from Aspen.

"Mommy, when you come to church can you bring Matthew's shoes."

I'm thinking it's church! How can you not remember your shoes for church! So my son was barefoot in his Bible study class! His teacher Monna thought it was funny though. She told Shane about her son when he was a teenager forgetting his shoes for church! He drove himself to church and once in the parking lot reached for his shoes and they were not there. So He called mom to bring them.

I guess living in such a warm place near the water many people enjoy going barefoot! I never saw tan feet before I moved here! 16 years later I still love the tan lines on my feet from my flip-flops! Nothing says winter is over like a flip flop tan line!

I thought about this post because as Shane and Matthew were leaving to bring Matthew to school, Shane ran back in the house to get........ yup Matthew's flip flops!


Kay said...

No one wears shoes in the house in Hawaii. It keeps the house a lot cleaner and germ free. We didn't wear shoes in the house in Illinois either just because it's teh way we were brought up and seemed so much more sensible. Although I often went barefoot outside as a child, I'm more worried these days because of the hazards all around... broken glass, etc.

Anonymous said...

I echo Kay's comment. Even our grandkids are taught not to wear shoes inside the house.

Sarah, The Ohana Mama said...

Yup, no shoes here either. And Cam always forgets shoes! I was laughing at your post. That is so our family!

The hardest thing for back to school with Cam was having to wear socks ("what are those?!") and sneakers. He had a hard time with that one.

I've learned to keep an extra pair of slippers in the car at all times ;)