Saturday, September 11, 2010

Where were you 9 years ago?

I woke up this morning and thought about what today is. 9/11 As I watched a little about 9/11 on The Weather Channel the images made me cry. It was like 9 years had not passed and I was seeing it for the first time again. It made me remember what I was doing this day 9 years ago.

I stopped by my old room mates house to pick up something and Kazu and Michelle were watching the first tower on the news. It didn't really register at first. It first sounded like a plane accidentally crashed into the tower. So off to class I went. On the way to class I heard on the radio the announcement of the second plane crashing into the second building. I felt so scared, shaken and alone. I had to pull over to a gas station just to be around other people and hear them talk about it. They had a radio on with the news. It felt like time stood still. It of course did not and I was late for class! I walked into class 20 minutes late! Shortly after another professor pulled our professor out into the hall. It felt like he was gone forever. He came back in and told us the Pentagon had now been attacked. He said if anyone has family who works there they were excused and it wouldn't count against them. A girl left class in tears, her uncle worked in DC but she wasn't sure where (I don't remember the details but he was okay). After class I went to work. Everyone was in shock and didn't really talk about it. I worked at a preschool and we didn't want to let on to the children what happened. It was a very forced day at work.

I just wanted to take a moment and share my memory of 9/11.

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Kay said...

I remember this day well and painfully. It seemed like the longest day I'd lived through in a long time.

I was greeting my students in the morning as they came to class. My first graders started to tell me that a plane had hit the tall buildings in New York.

I told them it was probably a small airplane and nobody in the big building would be hurt, I'm sure. The rest of the day was a nightmare as I learned the story throughout the day and some parents came to bring their children home because suddenly, life was uncertain.