Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Please Vote

I took this post right off my friend's blog. Sorry Mel if I messed up:)
          "Friends & Family,

You will be blessing so many families and children with special needs by voting for The Center for Courageous Kids for the 50K grant from Pepsi!!

Please click on this link to vote:

You may also text your vote, as well!

Text this number: 102408 to Pepsi (73774)

Our family was blessed to attend “family weekend” back in 2009, and then the triplets got to attend the “Physical Disabilities Week” this past May. CCK provides a fun, safe, and medically sound camp experience for all children with disabilities. CCK does for children like ours what Disneyland does for yours! Please, think of the joy and happiness that your child experiences each time they go to a theme park, camp, etc… your vote today (and hopefully every day until Sept 30!) is helping special children like ours to continue to experience “a little slice of heaven on earth” each year at zero cost to our family! What a blessing. Please, take part of this action to bless others. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! "

I am still trying to figure out blogging and wanted to help Mel out. CCK is currently in 28th! They need to be in tenth in order to recieve the donation from Pepsi. We are a Coke family but I think this is cool what Pepsi is doing:)

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