Sunday, October 31, 2010


I have had an idea for a book for 2 years. I have the characters, the plot, the ending all in my mind. I have even researched and visited the setting. All I have to do is write! I haven't given it a thought in a while, then the other night I had a weird dream. I was in Hawaii doing research for the third book in the series (how cool is that)!! According to my dream I am a successful writer! I don't know why the book was in my dream but I have been researching Hawaii for our 10 year anniversary in two years. So I know why I dreamed of Hawaii. But the book...... why did the idea pop back in my head? Then today saw on our Yahoo home page I saw these letters, NaNoWriMo. So I clicked out of curiosity and it is a site that encourages novel writing in the month of November! Is it a coincidence?


Anonymous said...

Good luck! I cannot write fiction to save my life! Honest to God! I just tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. LOL. (memoirs)

Kay said...

I say, "Go for it!" Melissa! There are so many beautiful places in Hawaii, I have to admit.