Monday, November 8, 2010


    I made some changes to our evening routine. Both the kids are assigned two chores after school. Based on their age and abilities. Also after supper they both have four chores each. Matthew clears the table, wipes the table and chairs, gives the cats fresh water then walks around and picks up toys from the living room. Aspen has to put left-overs away, dry and put dishes away, wipe the counters and sweep. Aspen lost two after supper chores and Matthew gained four.
    They have always had chores but things haven't been getting done. So now the oldest can't text till after her homework and chores are done. I had a very grumpy teen tonight! She doesn't like change. Unless it benefits her. Well doing chores will benefit her she just doesn't realize the benefits. And of course she is THE ONLY person in the world who has to do chores or can't have privileges till they are done. Ah, the hardships of being a teen.
    Matthew surprised me. He complained at first. I think it was because he thought he was suppose too. But he was excited as he was doing his chores asking what was next. I know this excitement will wear off but it was still cute seeing him look forward to his next job!

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Anonymous said...

When I was a kid as well as a teen, I had to wash all the dishes for a family of 7 every night BY HAND, sweep the kitchen, etc. Do you realize how long that took? With so many school assignments to do, I often went to bed at 2 am, got up at 5:30 and had to cook breakfast for the family.

That is why I never made my daughters do chores. Even now, I do everything for hubby and 28 yr old daughter (who is a full time college student and part time hairdresser). I just want her to do well in school and become the physical therapist she wants to be.

My older daughter is now a wife and mother of 2 and a math teacher. She has her own chores to do...