Sunday, May 1, 2011

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

We went to a baseball game with Matthew's cub scouts last night. Our local minor league team is the Myrtle Beach Pelicans.
We were lucky with seats right behind the home plate. The team we played against was the Fredrick Keys. 
The wind up and the pitch!


The weather was perfect! I love this time of the year!

The best part was seeing Matthew goofing off with his friends. That's one of my favorite part about baseball games. They are relaxed and you can talk to each other while watching the game. Even though it was Matthew's scout night we all went as a family.
She is always ready for a picture:)
For once a picture of mom and dad! We are usually behind the camera!
Yeah the Pelican's won!!! We were in the lead most of the game then it got close! Even though we enjoyed the game we did not want to see it go into extra innings! After the game Aspen and I went home and Shane and Matthew spent the night. The scouts got to camp out on the baseball field! Matthew loved this! They watched the Sand Lot on the big screen with popcorn and soda then settled in for the night. Here is the badge from the camp out.
Shane doesn't take as many pictures as me. He didn't even want the camera. I should have MADE him! So no pictures of the actual camp out.

If you are ever in the Myrtle beach area during baseball season I suggest a Pelicans baseball game. If you check out their site there are many fun evenings coming up this summer!

Myrtle beach Pelicans


Anonymous said...

It's great you had such great seats behind home plate and y'all had a good time! You have such an attractive family, Melissa!

Kay said...

Glad you had such a great time. I agree with Gigi! You guys are really beautiful!