Thursday, October 20, 2011

Almost Halloween

Wow a week and a half before Halloween. I need to get busy on our costumes! Matthew refuses to wear a homemade costume. He thinks it is not scary enough. But a $14 one from Walmart is? LOL We do this thing called trunk or treat at our church the Wednesday before Halloween. The adults stand by the trunk of their cars and the children dress up and trick or treat car to car. So people go all out and decorate their trunks. We decorate but not all out. This year though..... A commercial inspired me! Watch and take a guess on what I plan on doing!

If you guessed dressing and dancing like a hamster next to my KIA Soul well then your right! I have been practicing the dance when no ones around. Hahahahaha
Aspen wants to be an owl. I have been working on that costume based on one I saw on Pinterest. Then Shane? Well he never dresses up. I take that back We did convince him a few times. Maybe I'll go to Goodwill and try to get ideas for him. I love this time of year! But not the cold coming up! Bleh

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Cathie said...

Matthew and Shane should be the dancing transformer people :)