Thursday, September 2, 2010

Go Away Earl

Sounds like the title to a kids early reader story book! We will be lucky and the only effect of Earl we will feel is wind and rough surf. The surf is good for people who want to surf but not for people who had planned a last trip to the beach for the summer. Aspen is at the age were she doesn't understand the impact but was hoping for a day off of school. She wanted to have the storm then look at the damage. She doesn't understand the impact that has on lives. I was an adult before I realized storms are not fun. It's not just a day off of school or work. It is possible lost income for weeks after. We have been very lucky and have not been hit by storms in a long time. I pray our "luck" continues. I also pray for others along our coast. I pray it gets pushed further out to sea than predicted.

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Kay said...

Kids have a whole different view of the world than adults. I remember as a kid sort of wanting a tidal wave to hit so I could see what it would be like. If it swept away the school, I could have a few days off.