Thursday, September 2, 2010

State Park

Today after I picked up Matthew from school we went to the state park to check out the waves from Hurricane Earl. We saw some cool things at the beach this afternoon! I was surprised at how busy the beach was! No one was in the water. I think this had something to do with it.
The red no swimming sign. Warning people not to go into the water. It was cool to see a guy get fussed at by the lifeguard to get out of the water.
Of course the waves were cool! Here are some larger than normal waves.

We also saw some cool stuff washed ashore. The birds were enjoying dining on Sargassum seaweed till Matthew came along!
We also learned a little something today! We learned the Sargasso or Sargassum seaweed lives off shore. It was washed ashore in large quantities by the storm. We found "seashells" attached to the Sargassum. We learned those are called Gooseneck Barnacles.
Sargassum with a Gooseneck Barnacle attached. The berry looking things on the Sargassum help it float.

We saw some girls do something creative with the seaweed.

I love the imagination of children! It was a great hour spent at the beach. I need to start packing play clothes in the car for spontaneous after school trips like this.                                                                                    

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Kay said...

Oh, I love this! What a very creative, wonderful idea!