Saturday, September 4, 2010

Friday Night Lights

Lat night I went to my first football game since, well since I was in high school. I am not a football fan. I try but it seems the more questions I ask the more I annoy Shane so I stopped asking. High school football is even more confusing because it seems the plays happen so fast and because it is in front of you and not on t.v. with the instant replay a bazillion times! I think any live sports event is confusing. It took me FOREVER to finally understand off sides in soccer!
We went to the game because Aspen plays in the marching band. She plays the baritone. A large brass instrument that hides her whole head when she plays! The marching band did a great job last night. I am looking forward to more performances by them. I hope next time we get to see them in full uniform. Lat night the wore jeans and their marching band tee's. I know Aspen was relieved!

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Kay said...

I'm still not a big sports fan, but I was loving baseball and soccer when my son was playing.