Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day!

Looking through all the Facebook pictures many of my friends spent their holiday outside. We were no exception, well the kids and I. Poor Shane was working. We, of course went to the beach! While we were there Aspen looked for shells, I looked for shark's teeth and Matthew brought me garbage. Both of my kids can't walk by a piece of garbage on the beach. If they see trash they pick it up and throw it away. We usually go to the state park because there is less garbage and they can enjoy themselves more.
We found four shark's teeth at the beach today. I finally googled "why are shark's teeth black" and learned something new! I learned in Florida every spring there is a Shark's Tooth Festival. The festival even has a 10k for you runners out there! When we find shark's teeth on the beach they are usually black. I learned this is because when the tooth falls out of the shark's mouth and settles on the ocean floor it becomes the color of the sediment. The minerals in the sediment replace the dentin and enamel that makes up the tooth, then the tooth turns that color. Off our coast that is black. I did not know there are other colors of shark's teeth. Interesting!


melinda said...

I love looking for sharks teeth!
Speaking of picking up trash...They are having a beach sweep at the State Park Saturday the 18th from 9am-Noon. I think Merenda and I are going to go. Let me know if you would be interested or if you have ever went before. I've never went but have always wanted to.

Melissa said...

We go almost every year! The lady who runs it is awesome! You sign in, get gloves and papers to keep track of what is picked up then off you go! They have an ending time and raffle off items. They also have water for everyone too. Wear a tank top and work on your tan:)