Sunday, November 21, 2010

Traveling for the Holidays

     Matthew and I are visiting with my mom in NY this Thanksgiving week. Shane and Aspen stayed home. Aspen is in high school and can only miss 5 days each semester. She would have missed 2 days. She hasn't missed any yet but I wouldn't want her to get sick or something and use all her absences. I'm sure Saturday school wouldn't be fun! With Matthew in elementary school we have a little more wiggle room. Shane also works a second job in retail. Working Black Friday is a given! So it is weird being away from each other but I ended up with this week off from babysitting. So it made sense to come up this week.
     The trip up was uneventful. We split the trip and stayed at my sisters house in Virginia. We ate chicken from a Peruvian restaurant. I tried Yucca (or yuca) fries. They were.....okay. They were very thick. Not to bad but I couldn't eat more than a few. The chicken was YUMMY!! Nicely flavored and didn't need extra salt:) Then we hit the road again this morning. We drove through very, very rural Pennsylvania! So many. many trees and mountains. My ears are still popped! Matthew was very good during the drive. That made the drive a lot easier! I am so proud of him!
     We will be up here until Friday. Then split the trip by staying at my cousin's house in Baltimore. Matthew is most looking forward to that part of the trip. His one cousin is 6 months older and the other 6 months younger. Shane and Aspen will do Thanksgiving with his mom. Then on Sunday we will have our turkey. We need the leftover turkey in our house!


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a fun trip and stay up north. I hate to drive, though. Give you credit for that! I think by the end of Sunday, you will be sick of turkey. lol


Melissa said...

Thank you Gigi! I love turkey! Mostly I love the leftovers:) Hot turkey sandwich on toast with gravy and turkey salad!

Kay said...

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, Melissa! Stay warm.

Rizwan said...

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