Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

     I hope everyone is having a blessed day spent with family and friends! The kids let us sleep, we didn't make it out to the living room till 6:45. Matthew woke up and crawled into our bed and snuggled. He didn't wake us, just wanted to cuddle. 15 minutes later Aspen comes in with a Merry Christmas. When Matthew didn't move she said, "Matthew, Santa came!"
     He then ran to the living room to look around! So it was the 14 year old and not the 6 year old waking everyone this A.M. Surprised? She told me she was awake for an hour then finally got bored! It was a good morning. The kids were very happy and couldn't wait to join their friends outside to share Christmas goody stories. The teen girls were all dressed up in new clothes walking up and down our street or sitting on a porch while the boys had Nerf gun battles! I love living in a neighborhood where the kids can just walk outside and have someone to hang out with.
     It is currently 48 degrees outside. With snow in the forecast for tonight. Boo:( Shh don't tell the kids I said that! I hate the cold and snow! It has been so cold so early this year. This is late January into February weather. I read in the news baby turtles had to be rescued in order to hatch and get to the Gulf Stream safely. The water off our shore is to cold for them to make the swim. Yuck to the cold! We are suppose to get either a dusting, an inch of rain/snow mixture or even up to 2 inches. I guess it depends on what station you watch! I am hoping for just rain. I already saw snow on Thanksgiving day while leaving NY.


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Melissa said...

Aspen loves that song! She printed it last Christmas and practiced and practiced till she could sing it with out stumbling over Mele Kalilimaka! She will be excited to know that people in Hawaii do say Mele Kalikimaka. Merry Christmas to you too Gigi:)

Kay said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Melissa and family. I'm only now getting back to visiting other blogs. Our holiday season was so hectic as I'm sure yours must still be.

Melissa said...

Thank you Kay! I was sad to have the kids back in school but glad to have routine back!