Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Flu

     The flu season has snuck up on us. I didn't even have time to think about flu shots and it is January already! We are well into flu season and Matthew has it. It started Thursday morning with a headache and his "rib" hurting. He wasn't running a fever or throwing up so I sent him to school. I did give him Tylenol for his headache and with in five minutes his rib felt better. So I assumed he wasn't sick. I let his school know as I dropped him off in case he really was ill. I got no phone call. When I picked him up he told me about his day and chatted the whole car ride home. As soon as we walked through the door he told me he had a fever. I took his temperature and he had 101.5. I would have never guessed he was sick! So that started the Tylenol/ Motrin cycle.
     Friday he laid around and had to have medicine to keep the temp down. Then Saturday he had a high fever with a horrible rash! So I brought him in to the pediatricians office and they tested for the flu and strep. He tested positive for the B strain of the flu. He is now on Tami flu and when he gets well still needs to get the flu shot to avoid the other two strains. Today he had a pretty good day till around dinner time, that is when he started running a fever again. He is doing pretty well over all and even made a book today while Aspen and I were at church! I don't like it when the kids are sick but he is so cuddly! I cherish mommy hugs making him feel better!

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