Sunday, January 9, 2011

A lost tooth

     Matthew lost his second tooth tonight! He was sitting in the blue chair feeling blah from his fever. While he was sitting he was wiggling it with his tongue and popped it out! He came into the kitchen with a bloody tooth in hand and bloody grin on his face! I was surprised to see blood considering he didn't pull it out. I rinsed it off and put it on the counter. We then continued preparing supper. After supper he looked for his tooth and it was no where to be found! He was very upset! The counter it was on Aspen never wipes. I always have to tell her to go back and wipe that counter(she has to wipe the counters after supper). Well tonight of all nights, she decides to listen and wipe that counter too. So Matthews tooth was lost for real.
     He wrote a note to the tooth fairy.    I lost my tooth! The my sister lost it for real (he put a sad face with tears after this sentence). Will you still come?    He then drew a toothy smile with a blank spot where he lost his tooth.
     After tonight's tooth loss I sewed him a felt tooth pillow. It is blue with a pocket for is tooth. I will post pictures tomorrow it is under his pillow now:) This way the next time he loses a tooth, it goes straight into the tooth pillow and under his pillow. We never thought of this for Aspen because she lost her first tooth in the after school program. She then got a plastic tooth case to put it in. She saved that for her lost teeth.
     The tooth fairy was suppose to give two dollars but she figured since he lost it while he was sick with the flu, then he was upset about losing it for real she would give him five! And wouldn't you know after he went to bed and the tooth fairy already came I found his tooth! The cat knocked over the garbage can and out fell Matthew's tooth. We searched all over too! Now I don't know what to do with it. Shane wouldn't let me wake him up. Oh well I put it on the counter and he can give it to her tomorrow. I guess she will have to leave a note saying I already paid you but thanks for the tooth.


Anonymous said...

haha! Hilarious! So you actually gave him $5???? Wow! Teeth are expensive these days. Back in the day, my kids were lucky to get a dime...

Kay said...

I agree with Gigi. How funny! I think we gave our kids a dollar. They'd probably tell you a quarter. Whatever the case, do you know I kept ALL my kids' teeth? I know. I know. It's crazy. But they don't take much room. I have them all in a small coin pouch. OK... so I am a little crazy.