Thursday, January 20, 2011

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

     Shane and I had a not so good day. Our car has been acting up. There is something electrical wrong with it. Things such as the power stearing and the car locking when you put it in gear have stopped working. Then my signal lights stop working sometimes. Now the whole car stops working! The alternator has been replaced and the battery is fine. So we had it in the shop to be diagnosed. They could not find anything wrong with it. So they recharged the battery and checked it again in the morning. Everything is fine Mr. Boyd. So we go in to pick it up this evening and it wont start! So we go back in and simply say.... it wont start.
     WELL, they call in the evening shop manager and he is the most condescending man I have ever met! He immediately told us we refused to have our car fix and what do you want me to do about it. He argued with us about it and then said well you do realize it could take a few minutes or half the day to figure out what the problem is. And your running into labor costs then. Tell me again why we brought the car in? We told him we have the car here to find out what is wrong and we want you to find out what is wrong. Then we leave. On the way home we are fuming with how rude the man is. So we decide to go get the car and take it someplace else. So we jump start it to bring home then figure out where else to take it. On the way home it dies.
     We pulled over into a turn lane, thats as far as we could get it. We decide to call AAA to just have it towed home instead of jumping it again. I was in the truck behind Shane and waiting for him to call AAA. Then I hear a horn honk and see a man fly into the air! I can not get the image of seeing a man get hit by a car out of my mind. It was the scariest thing I have ever seen. I called 911 to report the accident and while on the phone I see the man get up, pick up his shoe and walk to the sidewalk! Then out of nowhere 2 other people came over and the three of them start yelling at the lady. The were saying he was in the crosswalk (he wasn't) and she ran a red light (she didn't). The whole time we can't leave because A) we are witnesses and B) our car is dead.
     I didn't realize but Shane saw the guy motion to him and before he could say I'm okay the guy ran into the road! So the guy got hit by a car trying to see if he could help. The lady who hit him was either on her way home from class or going in. She is going to school for nursing, we think based on her attire. She was a wreck! So Shane gave his statement, they just needed my name and number if they needed to ask me questions at a later time. After we went home Shane felt really bad so I told him to go look for the man. Shane found him across the street from the accident digging through a garbage can at a car wash. He is a homeless guy. The man was obviously drunk. Shane thanked him for trying to help and asked if he could buy him dinner or something. The man wanted a beer! Shane gave him $20 and told him to get something to eat. We learned he is homeless and sleeps on someones porch. He also cleans out the garbage can at the carwash for $10 a week. Shane gave him his number and told him to call if he needs anything. He also offered a ride to church as well.
     I walked in the door and didn't mean to but just bawled! It was/is so overwhelming!  Aspen came up and gave me a big hug. She is at the age where those don't come easy! I can't help but feel agh then think what are you whining about think about the poor lady who hit the man and the man who got hit! What right do I have to feel AAGGGHHH I just witnessed it.


Anonymous said...

How terrible for all concerned! It's too bad you poured so much time and money into that car. Reminds me of my daughter and the cars she buys. Maybe, you should just trade it in for another car. You're bound to get something for it.

I saw a homeless guy on the sidewalk with a sign begging for money. Then, I noticed a cigarette in his hand and decided my money should not go toward supporting his addiction.

Kay said...

Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry you had to go through such a traumatic time. How very kind of Shane to go back and try to help that poor homeless man. Take care. It's mind boggling to think what you went through.