Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Car

Well after the poor costumer service at Chevy with trying to diagnose the electrical problem with the car, we decided to car shop! We have been loyal to the Chevrolet brand until now. We now own a KIA Soul. It has a fun shape to it and just seems to match my quirky personality. So I've been told by many:) We wanted to stay under $20,000. That was a little hard to do! I was surprised at how much car prices have gone up since our last new car in 2002. I test drove another sedan and it was okay. Since I have always ha a sedan it was just okay. Than I drove the Soul and it was fun! It's just a cute and fun car! The payment difference is only $20. It feels good to know I again have a reliable car. I keep looking out the window at it!
The funny part is when I tell people about it and they don't recognise the car I say the hamster commercial. Then they know exactly what car it is! I heard two of my friends tell their husbands over the phone,"She got the hamster car."


Anonymous said...

Cute car, congrats! I have had good luck with my Korean car, a Hyundai Accent. It cost $14,000 in Nov. 2002.

Kay said...

That is adorable! I love it! The shape is very distintive and it's got to be fun to drive.