Sunday, January 23, 2011

Football and Friends

     Tonight we were invited to a friends house to watch the Steeler/Jets game. It was good company and good food. I brought a veggie platter. Since I am working on losing weight I had to bring something healthy! Also on the menu: chicken bog, veggie pizza, meatballs, spinach dip with chips, more veggies, cake, cupcakes, puppy chow and a brownie cookie cake. It was hard! But I think I did.....terrible! Finger foods are so hard to ignore! I will have to work extra hard tomorrow.
     Now notice the large font size. I knew I couldn't think of much to say on the topic but I am trying to blog more often:) Is the larger font deceiving?


Kay said...

Geee... it never occurred to me that you could change the font size on individual posts. I'm having trouble with blogger right now so maybe I shouldn't tamper much with my blog.

It's always hard to avoid those finger yummies.

Melissa said...

Kay your not alone. My computer froze when I was trying to comment on your Nook post.

Anonymous said...

"puppy chow" -- what the...???