Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Today Was a Good Day

     Well the title says it all! It started with me having the day off. I enjoy my job but having the day off is nice too. I took Matthew to school and on the way home learned my cousin had her baby today. Right on his due day like Matthew. He was born at 9:30 and his name is Aiden Lee. Also born today Ava Grace. She is the beautiful daughter of friends from church. Two healthy blessings born on this day!
     I had the day ALL TO MYSELF!!! That is a rare occurrence that was enjoyed very much! I ran a few errands, cleaned up in the house and....... watched a little TV uninterrupted.
     I then had a parent/teacher/student conference at Aspen's school. She had to lead it. I had a mix of emotions seeing her lead the conference. She was to dress professional and make a professional appearance. I wanted to make silly faces at her. I was proud of her she did great. A part of me is like yeah!!! Another part is like BOOO your growing up to fast!
     Then I picked up Matthew and he got 100% on his spelling test! He also told me other kids wanted to trade lunch with him. He had leftovers for lunch! Yeah me I made a cool yummy looking dinner! Hahahahaha Then Shane was the one he read to tonight. It was nice seeing the way they interact while Matthew does his daily reading. Matthew was laying on his stomach with his feet swinging and Shane was sitting on the floor next to him.
     So today was filled with a lot of little things that made me happy. After the day I had last Thursday I know I will be paying attention to the blessings in my life. Both the big and small ones.


Anonymous said...

Yes, count your blessings -- something I forget to do now and then...

Kay said...

You certainly had a wonderful day to be a proud mama. Those child led conferences are interesting. I did have children at conference sometimes, but I felt like sometimes the parents felt that they couldn't ask me certain questions in front of their children.

How wonderful to have a day free. Do have a marvelous weekend. Your kids deserve a treat.