Thursday, April 28, 2011

Walking to Disney

Yesterday I posted about exercising and walking the same amount of miles as going to Disney as a goal. I am a visual person so I made a fun little chart to help keep track of my mileage.
I used Velcro to attach the numbers. This way I could easily change them out. When we got home from Cub Scouts I walked and already changed my numbers!

I walked 2 miles tonight. Only A LOT more to go!

While we were gone Aspen worked on a school project. They are having a recyclable fashion show tomorrow! Here is the dress she designed using only recycled material. 

She used her dad's accounting homework for the main part! She thought it was funny.
And last but not least here is Shane giving Matthew his awards he earned last month. Shane loves doing this with Matthew. He is Matthew's den leader. He was also Aspen's soccer coach for many years. I have been blessed with an awesome husband who is very dedicated to his children. 


Anonymous said...

You have a very nice family! Let's see if will permit this comment.

Kay said...

Shane is definitely an awesome DAD! You're all very lucky!