Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Sales

I am NOT a morning person! I am more of a night person. So when I saw Walmart was having a sale on digital cameras I thought it MIGHT be worth venturing out. Matthew is always "borrowing" my camera and taking pictures and video so even though he didn't ask for one I know he will LOVE his new camera! The sales started at 10 but the camera was part of electronics and didn't start till 12. Aspen and I got there at11. We had to hike across the parking lot and WOW!!! The store was crazy!! Aspen and I walked around and got a few things off my list, most of what I wanted was already gone. Then at 11:35 I walked over to the pallets where they had the cheaper electronics. At 11:40 an employee handed the person closest to the pallet (more like the one with her body draped over it lol) a box knife. She cut into it and a surge of people went forward. I was push some by the crowd but it wasn't that bad. I didn't see anyone get ugly. Actually a person towards the front started passing back cameras. So I yelled, "Two please!" She passed them back and I was on my way! I got home about 12:15. Not to shabby for my first get into it Black Friday! I actually bought two cameras I don't think Aspen realized but I had one for her too. I looked around before I went to make sure this deal was worth it. I saved $30 per camera! So I think I did well!

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Anonymous said...

I hate to shop. Usually, if I want something, I'll send David to the store. lol. Glad you got the cameras!