Saturday, November 26, 2011

It Now Feels Like Christmas!

I love the Christmas Season! For me I like the days before Christmas better than Christmas. I love all the excitement and traditions we have. One of them being "Merry Christmas!" We yell Merry Christmas when we see a house decorated. The only rule being you have to wait till you SEE the lights before you yell it. We end up memorizing the houses in our neighborhood and some people try to yell Merry Christmas before the houses are in view so we try to level the playing field:)
I took this with my cell phone so it's not that great but this is 3 houses together that put up an awesome display of lights in the Olde Mills neighborhood off of 707. They have done it for years. Every time we come home that way we take a detour to see all the lights. We let Matthew unbuckle and drive REALLY SUPER SLOW so we can take it all in.

Another tradition I love is Elvin the Elf! This is a mischievous elf that visits and reports to Santa daily. He leaves messes or does silly things for the kids to find in the morning. Last year Aspen helped out with Elvin. She knows who he really is but still likes to see what he does. Last year on his last morning (Christmas Eve) he left Dunkin Donuts. Matthew was sad to see him go! Tonight is his first night here this Christmas season!
I forgot to disguise my handwriting! I hope Matthew doesn't notice!! Aspen watched me do it so I guess she knows! lol I get so excited when I think of stuff but forget the mess I have to clean up! I used spray snow on the mirror then wrote the message. I now remember I don't like that stuff! Oh well, I can't wait to see the excitement on Matthew's face when he sees it!
I love receiving comments! Leave a comment telling me about some of your favorite Christmas traditions!

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Anonymous said...

I love those Xmas lights! And I love how you really get into the spirit of the season.