Friday, January 6, 2012

Back to School Woes

     Spending the morning preparing myself for the start of the new semester next Monday. Not this day after Sunday Monday but next. LOL I was online ordering my books and aggravated by how much my philosophy books are!. Not so much the books themselves but the fact I have to take this stupid class again! So I looked over my transcripts and see that two did transfer over! So now I am patiently waiting till 8 so I can call and see if I really do need to retake it. And if so why.
     Shane is on his way to new student orientation this morning! He earned his Associates in December and has transferred to Coastal Carolina University. His classes start this Monday and he has orientation today! I am going to school online at Liberty University.One of our classes are the same. I noticed that and got excited thinking we could share the book and some $$ NOPE different books! Oh well It was an exciting thought for about 5 minutes.
     It is hard having us both in school full time at the same time. Add to that the kids in school and we at times have a hectic house! LOL Funny thing is this hectic school schedule has become normal. So normal the holiday break felt like it dragged on to long. And I have to wait another whole week for classes to start back up!


Anonymous said...

Lisa's science books cost a fortune, even when she bought them second hand from people on the mainland. There was one book that took a month to get here because the owner sent it via media mail instead of 1st class. Talk about stress!

Melissa said...

Oh wow!! That must have been stressful! Both of our text books together cost over $1000! But they will be here in time:)