Friday, January 6, 2012

Wizards Party

We are fans of the Disney show Wizards of Waverly Place. Tonight was the last show and when they revealed who the family wizard was! So me loving little theme kid parties used it as an excuse to have fun and have a little party! So we invited the girls I babysit and a couple of girls on our street. The show started at eight and I wanted to start at 7. Matthew was so excited when we got home he got the neighbors! So I had the girls do the cake mix for me! What a big help that was! While I was making dinner, Shane was practicing his magic act! We got a little kit from the dollar store and wizard Shane did a couple of tricks!
I lost Shane and found him studying his magic tricks! How sweet is that!

He had their attention!
Shane's bag, err box of tricks!

He has imagination! He is wear a pair of shorts on his head and underwear around his neck! He was chasing the girls and making them scream and screech.  

We had soup and subs for dinner. The family owns a sub shop so that's why I went with subs. I found this soup while walking down the Spanish food isle. It was really good and cheep! I told the kids since the mom on the show sometimes speaks Spanish that is why we are having the soup. LOL They loved it:) I also had deviled eggs and pretzel rods with the subs. The pretzel sticks represented wands! 

Wizard potion for drinks.

Lastly they had wizard hats for dessert! I coated sugar cones with melted chocolate! Use your imagination if you need too:)
We then watched the show. It was cute. One of the girls that was here lost her tooth!! All in all it was a very fun night and I am so tired! I feel like I did a regular birthday party.

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Melissa @ This Girls Life said...

That is too funny that our names were the same. I have met one other Melissa Coleman before and she happened to work in a dr's office that I used to go to. Every time I went in there they thought I was the one that worked there.