Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How Did You Ring in the New Year?

     As I sit here at the table blogging Shane is yelling because Michigan just got a touch down!! Awesome! So how did you ring in the new year? We stayed in. Matthew had a friend spend the night. (Yelling at the t.v again) The kids stayed up and enjoyed sparkling juice! With New Years on a Sunday we went to church. Shane and the kids went to our church and I went to a new church. It felt weird going someplace else! We have a friend who launched a new church on new years day. So I went out to support their family. Aspen was working with the children and Matthew's friend goes to church with us. (Again with the game! Our cat Rascal couldn't take it anymore and left him!) So we decided I would go and Shane would stay with the kids. Our friend did a great job!
      Later in the day we went to the state park for a hike. Matthew and I were excited, Shane and Aspen not so much! They were good sports and ended up having fun.
He is ready to go with his new walking stick! He ended up leaving it in the car after this picture.

She did not want to smile. That is her fake "this is the best I'm giving you" smile.

Last year during the cub scout camp out this tree was planted by the boys! It has grown a lot!

Shane climbing a tree. I just noticed he is wearing one of his Michigan sweatshirts. That's funny! I am posting this while he is enjoying the game.

The moss on the tree made it slippery. He didn't want to attempt climbing. He decided to crawl up the tree.

Notice all the lines made by a woodpecker! That was one busy bird!!

This tree had some sort of growth. We called it the big butt tree.

My family hiking:)

Aspen is now smiling! And yes she is taller than me!

He found these glasses on the trail. Later on he found a cool place to put them for the next boy.

She found garbage on the beach and automatically picked it up.
      A fun afternoon was had by all!! We then went home and finished off the day watching football!

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I like your new blog. Fun photos!