Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Selling Books

     Shane and I are both in school. He is going to school for Marketing and I am going for History then my Masters in teaching. I received my Associates in May. I ended up taking the fall semester off deciding on going to a university online full time or go to school locally part time (due to work). I made my decision to late for this semester. So in January I will be doing online classes with the University of Maryland University College.
     Shane is at Tech(just like a community college in other places) working towards his Associates then onto Coastal Carolina University. He has another year of classes before he moves. We started at Tech because it is a cheaper way to get your core classes out of the way. About a thousand dollars a semester cheaper!
     He finished his last exam yesterday and sold his books back today. We were expecting $100 and was pleasantly surprised with $197. Yeah! A nice little surprise around Christmas time. A friend of mine also had a nice surprise. Her husband wanted something that was above her spending budget. So she wasn't planning on getting it. She then was looking for paper work and found a gift card to the store his wish item was at. The gift card was just enough to put the gift at their spending budget! How awesome is that?

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Anonymous said...

That's called serendipity. Finding a gift card and selling your book for more than expected -- how awesome!

Congrats on getting your Associates. Good luck with the online classes. My elder daughter minored in history. Her major was math, and she is now a math teacher at a local high school, even becoming chairman of the math department! David and I are so proud of her.